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FA9909 (Pop-In) Crest Cap

FA9909 (Pop-In) Crest Cap


Keeping with the latest generation of golf car accessory engineering is the FA-9909 golf car center cap by Fairway Alloys.

The FA-9909 is stunningly simple, yet beautiful low-profile pop-in cap which ensures your caps stay in place no matter what terrain your golf car is driving on thanks to a super strong reinforcement ring. Finished in automotive grade chrome plating featuring a high end fairway alloys crest in the center. The FA-9909 is compatible and interchangeable with all "pop-in" style wheel centers by Fairway Alloys.

Wheel sold separately.

If you would like a full set, please add four to your cart.

Product Details
Parent Brand Fairway Alloys
Part Number FA-9909

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