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About Fairway Alloys

Fairway Alloys is a company with roots deep in incredible styling, industrial strength engineering, and customer service that you can depend on. We are all action sports enthusiasts so know that we can speak your language. We simply build the finest wheels and tires on the planet. Because of our rich heritage in the automotive wheel industry spanning over 35 years, we are proud to pass on our expertise to a new generation of enthusiasts that understand that customization is the most important statement for any vehicle. We have taken our passion for vehicles from the road to the cart paths with the same eye for detail and performance. Our promise is to continue to produce products that make people feel that they have something different than the standard. We get asked a lot where our products are engineered and we are proud of the fact that each and every one of our products is extensively designed and engineered right here in the United States and tested in our big backyard, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We do shops rides and trail runs throughout the year - ask us about joining if you are ever in the area and we'll show you how beautiful Colorado really is. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you as a customer.  Fairway Alloys is proudly manufactured by Wheel Pros, LLC. All of our wheels are backed by a limited lifetime structural warranty.  You bend, break or crack any Fairway Alloys wheel, we replace it. If at any time you have questions regarding our product line just contact us.