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The EFX Blade is a purebred, performance driven off-road tire for all lifted golf carts. Available in 12” and 14” wheel sizes, the Blade compliments any lifted make or model with a balanced tread pattern for any terrain. Rugged 6-ply engineering keeps your party safe no matter where your path leads. From hunting to golfing, be prepared with the EFX Blade A/T tire.
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Specifications Chart

Part # Size Outside Diameter Inside Diameter Min Rim Width Max Rim Width Weight Load Ply Tread Depth Construction MSRP USD
FA-817 23X10R14 23" 14" 10" 10" 23.50 lbs 1000 6.0 12.7 RADIAL $155.00
FA-806 23X10.50-12 23" 12" 10.5" 10.5" 19.80 lbs 1000 4.0 12.7 BIAS $132.00

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